I gave my sweetheart a purple gift on Valentine’s Day: a purple kale Japanese-style omelette with a light drizzle of Early Harvest California Nuvo Green Olive Juice (also known as Virgin Olive Oil). I named the oil “Spirito”, owing to its spicy dance on the palate. The rejuvenating power of this amazing dish lies in the polyphenol content.


Purple polyphenols are created by plants as a defense mechanism against stress; stress created by radiation from the sun, adverse climate conditions, pathogens and oxidants. These polyphenols also work in us as a defense against chronic diseases such as heart disease. Kale happens to be rich in magnesium also; magnesium is a powerful mineral that contributes to a healthy heart, according to Dr. Mark Hyman.


As for the Early Harvest California Nuvo Green Olive Juice:it's bright green color comes from its chlorophyll content. You can taste the vibrato of the green olive when it's cold pressed early. The result is an immediate grassy lively flavor, and then a “fucoso” expression of polyphenols. Some call this bitterness. I call it bittersweet because there's the pleasure of knowing that you have taken steps to strengthen your heart. Pair this with the high quality protein of the omelette's pasture-raised eggs; the albumin in the eggs will help with the absorption of the purple polyphenols as well.


An added grace note to soften the “medicinal” bitterness of the olive oil on the taste buds,would be to serve a modest note of triple-cream cheese such as Brillat-Savarin cheese with the omelet.


By June Pagan, Private Health Chef