Not easy to find in the marketplace and rather pricey when you do, the Purple Okinawan Sweet Potato is a real treat and worth every penny. This low energy-dense food goes a long way to provide you with the taste satisfaction that you are looking for from a dessert or savory, yet due to it's high fiber (1 cup=5 grams) content, assists in regulating blood sugar unlike sugar-laden options. A little goes a long way.


The Vitamin A in the Okanawan Sweet Potato is over the top (1 cup=500% daily value for overall eye health) while the potassium benefit ( 1 cup=712 mg),helps to keep your blood pressure down. The added disease -preventative feature is the color which is derived from the polyphenol, anthocyanin.

Perfectly fine when simply baked at 400F for 25 minutes, and topped with a good quality butter or used as an alternative to a yam recipe,  you will find that the purple sweet is bursting with flavor.

Note: The AHA recommends 4700mg potassium, daily for heart health, although you need to watch your intake if you have elevated potassium or kidney disease.