If you thought that the Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato was at the top of the polyphenol food chain, think again, because here comes the Stoke's Purple Sweet Potato! This potato is in the same family as the mornng glory, also, but it has a deeper colored purple skin and flesh. This non-GMO potato was started on a family farm in Stokes County, North Carolina and is now being grown in California. 

The anthocyanins in the Stokes Purple Sweet Potato is four- times greater than the Okinawan Sweet Potato so, you can probably guess what my choice is for the anti-inflammatory and disease -preventative approach  to eating.

Remember to Eat Purple Plants for Perennial Health!

Thank you, Karen Caplan, from Freida's Inc. for educating me as to the difference between the Okinawan and the Stokes Purple Sweet Potato.