Caramelized Organic Orange Slices

The next time that you eat an orange and decide to toss the peel in the trash, think about preparing caramelized orange slices, instead. The tasty snack will provide you with a "free" and tasty source of citrus pectin, a functional fiber that will help with digestion ,chronic constipation, symptoms of diverticulosis, and possibly IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), according to the British Journal of Nutrition, March 2001. Pectin also has a prebiotic effect which helps to lower cholesterol and glucose levels. 

Many holistic practitioners recommend taking citrus pectin for detoxification purposes. Citrus peel is just one of the best fibers that you can eat for this purpose. 

Instead of buying a citrus pectin supplement, make you own by caramelizing thin slices of organic oranges.I used two oranges for the yield shown in the image attached. I ,generally, eat a few at a time but they are addictive, so expect them to be gone quickly.

To prepare Caramelized Organic Seedless Orange Slices, simply wash,dry and thinly slice two oranges, and place them onto a Silpat or parchment paper- lined sheet pan. Coat with a thin to medium layer of fine organic cane sugar, to coat evenly. You don't need to coat both sides as the sugar will caramelize the entire slice. Bake at 335 Degrees F, for approximately 20-25 minutes.This process will work with erythritol ,also, due to its caramelizing capability.

Some of the slices will become very brown and some may actually blacken. Once this starts happening it is time to remove the pan from the oven .Some of the slices may seem to be too moist ,however, once they cool down, the sugar will set up and act as a preservative. Store the slices in a dry container lined with parchment or wax paper. They will keep for ten days or more, that is if you can resist eating them right away.








  Caramelized Blood Orange Slices have High Anthocyanins

Caramelized Blood Orange Slices have High Anthocyanins