My Interview to Cook for Prince

Interviewing to cook for Prince was a very memorable experience. I first, attended an interview that was conducted by his recording studio executives, in Los Angeles. I didn’t know what to expect as I rode the elevator up to the top floor of the unassuming West Los Angeles building. I entered an elaborate boardroom that had several executives waiting for my arrival. I was just a little nervous.

I sat down, very composed, and responded to a long line of questions. The first question was “Can you cooksoul Food?” which, since I am a Northerner, is not an unusual question to ask. My first response was “Well, I have learned quite a bit in my travels throughout the South, however, Prince is from Minnesota and if there is such a thing as Minnesota Soul Food, I’ll need some time to do the research. 

That must have been the answer that they were looking for, because they picked me out of 100 applicants and gave me a month to study up on "Minnesota Soul".

During this period of study I learned about the many variances of a cuisine, that are endless. I am still learning recipes, mainly, handed down from one generation to the next. Soul Food is truly a cuisine of the soul and probably the most comforting., sustainable, mineral-rich to the point of medicinal, cuisines on the planet, contrary to popular belief.

After one month, I prepared the “trial “dinner spread at his manager's home in the Beverly Hills “flats” and was hired!.