Due to its perceived rarity in nature, the color purple has always been considered to be a high energy color that has been coveted by royalty, the wealthy and the spiritual. Purple represents a higher consciousness in many cultures and religions.

According to the Purple Earth Hypothesis, an astrobiological hypothesis, when the Earth was first formed, all plant-life reflected the color purple. Eventually, through the power of the sun and the process of photosynthesis, green plants engulfed the planet. However, if you look closely, today you will still find many survivors of the First Earth purple, in nature.

Did you know that our early ancestors, revered purple plants and wrote about them in their sacred texts? It is only recently that 300 year old science has started to catch up with 5000 thousand year old wisdom. Science is finally figuring out that purple plants (with their unique phytochemicals) are a beneficial adjunct to your health.

"The role of purple plants as a medicinal agent has been rooted in ancient tradition-throughout the world. It wasn’t until recently that science is recognizing the potential for disease prevention provided by the powerful antioxidants purple plants are comprised of, called anthocyanins. When digested in a whole foods form, these anthocyanins interact communally, with other phytochemicals present in the plant, to potentiate their synergistic healing capacity.  We are finding that there is great potential for purple plants to intervene in the course of chronic disease. From black currants, to purple corn, we have expanding evidence that purple plant foods (especially as an adjunct to the anti-inflammatory Mediterranean Diet) can help to inhibit weight gain and adipose tissue, decrease blood sugar levels, prevent free radicals, prevent age-related declines in neural function, decrease lipid peroxidation , and, possibly, effective against various stages of carcinogenesis"

M. Monica Giusti , PhD, Professor and Graduate Studies Chair of the Food Science and Technology Department at the Ohio State University, says that anthocyanins constitute the largest and probably the most important group of water soluble natural pigmented antioxidants that can explain most of the health-promoting effects of consuming fruits and vegetables.

Purple Earth Cuisine, is the vision of the author who has spent her entire life’s work in the holistic culinary arts, which addresses health issues through the healing power of food. With this forthcoming cookbook, she takes you on a revolutionary, evolutionary journey beyond the industrial food complex gate, to a secret garden of high energy “Purple Earth” delights, that are not just visually inspiring, along with alluring recipes, but will introduce new, authentic earthy flavors to the their palate, transcending the readers consciousness to an elevated way of looking at the food they purchase and eat. Equipped with new cooking techniques and ingredients the recipes will empower the reader to transcend their health and longevity with the help of peer-reviewed cutting edge medical nutrition combined with a mindfulness and creative consciousness around the preparation and healing purpose of our food