In my quest to optimize nutrition, I found a great substitute for the semolina portion of the flour blend in my pizza dough: Whole grain non-GMO purple corn flour grown in the USA. Purple corn is also known as Hopi Maize. There is an ancient Hopi prophecy – when purple corn comes to the West, it is a sign that positive changes are happening on the planet.  That time is now. I embrace non-GMO purple corn as an ingredient of hope – and health – not just for our bodies, but for Mother Earth. By incorporating non-GMO ingredients into our recipes, we can push back against the GMO food trend and keep ourselves and our planet healthy. There are many health promoting aspects to purple corn. The milling process of this ancient whole grain retains the food value, which includes an abundance of niacin. It is also relatively high in protein (compared to the lighter colored corn) – and it is rich in plant phytochemicals called anthocyanins, at a level that rivals fresh blueberries. There are already many citations in the medical literature that identify anthocyanins as having important cancer fighting and/or cancer prevention characteristics. The next time you are looking to buy expensive out-of season blueberries, consider having a slice of this pizza instead. The purple corn flour adds a wonderful earthy flavor to this crust. It’s hard to describe; you must try it for yourself. I use purple corn which is currently being grown in the nation’s Corn Belt by farmers dedicated to producing food crops that deliver a higher nutritional value and greater health benefits.