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The Affordable Self-Care Act


The Affordable Self-Care Act




When you can't trust the system and you aren't sure what type of care will be available if and when you need it, then it is time to start seriously thinking about preventative self-care. Many of the chronic illnesses that we are falling victim to, such as diabetes 2, heart disease and certain cancers, take many years to develop, and are directly related to our poor lifestyle diet, which is more than likely the SAD (or Standard American Diet) of processed foods, factory-farmed meat and dairy, toxic oils, heavily salted foods, and soda, both sugared and chemically sweetened. If many of these diseases are "slow moving" perhaps we can "fast track" our way to a better outcome by changing our daily eating habits.

Here are simple ways to put the SAD diet in reverse, while improving your own health. Don't let the Industrial Food Complex take control over your health destiny!

1. Find the cleanest source of water that you can afford. Drink it straight as much as possible and mixed with juice, in tea or tisane's (herb tea) and coffee. Water is the most important ingredient for detoxing your system.

2. Reduce refined sugar intake as much as possible by limiting refined sugar to way below 6 tsp a day (AHA recommendation) A "sweet tooth" can be nipped in the bud with a few frozen dates (tastes like caramel) or a square of 72% dark chocolate, or better yet, strawberries dipped in the melted 72% chocolate.

3. Adopt a Mediterranean -style diet, which is the gold standard for longevity. Moderate animal protein, fatty fish such as cod, salmon, and shrimp, healthy fats such as cold-pressed olive oil, and a large portion of your intake (75%) as plant-based choices. Consider meat to be your side dish at an average portion of 4 ounces or less.

4. Chose whole foods in season. Find out what vegetables and fruits are in season and plan your menu before shopping. This can help you make economically sound purchases and avoid impulse buying. Farmer’s markets generally post the seasonal bounty.

Visit a farmer's market and take in the local bounty. Visit a neighborhood garden and connect with the growers. In cities, such as Los Angeles, there is a strong permaculture and urban farm movement. At these gardens you will find many like-minded neighbors who will share their resources from very low cost to free vegetables and fruits, gardening advice, pot luck meals, to bartering of services. There is a non-government program in Los Angeles through Hunger Action L.A. called "Market Match" for people that receive CalFresh , WIC, Social Security, or SSI where you receive $10 in vouchers that can be used at a number of local farmer's markets. Info at

5. Set up your home kitchen as a personal "health kitchen". If you can make the time, plan your basic menu for the week a day before your work week begins, shop for the needed ingredients and prepare some of the dishes in bulk ahead of time, so that you can have easy access during the week. Yes, it takes time and effort but if you don't take the time for your health now, you will need to take the time for illness, later.

6. Eat more purple! Adding powerful purple antioxidants to your menus will not only increase the power of your new way of eating for health, they are, also, beautiful to look at.

To get started, try to incorporate any of the following ingredients, on a daily basis. Purple onion is probably the simplest choice:

Purple Onion, Purple Garlic, Purple Shallot, Purple Cabbage, Purple Asparagus, Purple Kale, Radicchio, Purple Bell Peppers, Purple Carrots, Purple Potatoes, Eggplant, Black Beans (actually purple) Black Olives, Black Lentils, Red Leaf Lettuce, Purple Basil, Red Livermore Walnuts, Black Walnuts, Guava, Purple Rice, Black Forbidden Rice, Purple Barley, Blueberries, Blackberries, Black Currants, Raisins, Black Grapes, Cherries, and last but not lease, dark chocolate! Look for the purple wherever you shop.

Food is one great equalizer between the wealthy and the rest of us:


Most of us are becoming increasingly aware of the important role that food consumption plays in the quality – and longevity – of our lives.   While it may seem as though spending more money will bring us better food – this is not necessarily true.   We all have access to the same food supply.  With the right information, anyone with desire and determination – even those of us who are on a tight budget – can create meals that are flavorful, nutritious, and satisfying.


The purpose of my work is to share the secrets that I have learned over the course of my many years of experience as a private health chef - creating “clean” meals that get results, by developing recipes that utilize the right combination of ingredients and techniques, with a focus on foods that are known to have high anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  Most of the recipes are easy to prepare; and do not require expensive ingredients.


For those of us with children at home, setting an example by preparing consistent, basic, clean, and nutritious meals at home, in your own “health kitchen” will serve the added benefit of “learning by osmosis.”  By showing our children the path toward mindful eating, we can give them the tools they need for a lifetime of health and happiness.


For a free copy of the Affordable Self-Care Act pdf file, including recipes, cooking tips and resources, please go to our

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Purple earth cuisine

Purple earth cuisine

The Secret Power of Purple


Would you like to move away from the flavorless and unhealthy SAD (Standard American Diet) to a more exciting, flavorful and preventative way of eating that will reduce your risk of the top six chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke,cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity and arthritis?

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Purple Pizza

Crafted with non-GMO, Mid-west grown purple corn.


Purple Pizza

Crafted with non-GMO, Mid-west grown purple corn.


In my quest to optimize nutrition, I found a great substitute for the semolina portion of the flour blend in my pizza dough: Whole grain non-GMO purple corn flour grown in the USA. Purple corn is also known as Hopi Maize. There is an ancient Hopi prophecy – when purple corn comes to the West, it is a sign that positive changes are happening on the planet.  That time is now. I embrace non-GMO purple corn as an ingredient of hope – and health – not just for our bodies, but for Mother Earth. By incorporating non-GMO ingredients into our recipes, we can push back against the GMO food trend and keep ourselves and our planet healthy. There are many health promoting aspects to purple corn. The milling process of this ancient whole grain retains the food value, which includes an abundance of niacin. It is also relatively high in protein (compared to the lighter colored corn) – and it is rich in plant phytochemicals called anthocyanins, at a level that rivals fresh blueberries. There are already many citations in the medical literature that identify anthocyanins as having important cancer fighting and/or cancer prevention characteristics. The next time you are looking to buy expensive out-of season blueberries, consider having a slice of this pizza instead. The purple corn flour adds a wonderful earthy flavor to this crust. It’s hard to describe; you must try it for yourself. I use purple corn which is currently being grown in the nation’s Corn Belt by farmers dedicated to producing food crops that deliver a higher nutritional value and greater health benefits.



“June Pagan's food is not only delicious but it's also a life saver. June listens to her clients needs and gets her food delivered to your front door. It doesn't seem to matter what allergies or dislikes one has, June will make it all perfectly yummy.”

Bonnie Stoll Head Handler Trainer for Diana Nyad


“I have known June Pagan for more than thirty years. The thing that most amazes me is her depth of knowledge about preparation, food safety, caloric content and the many ethnic foods she can bring forth with ease. June has focused on the health aspects of food for her entire career and mastered it long ago. She has a passion rarely seen by someone cooking for as long as she has. I have had the privilege of eating her creations on numerous occasions and it is a real treat. When I get rich I am going to hope to hire her to prepare her healthy food for me.”

Jerry Sloan, Private Chef


June Pagan is one of the pioneers in creating well-balanced, healthy meals. She created delicious meals that helped me lose weight, bring my cholesterol down and that were convenient for me to change my life style. My family and I have worked with June for almost 20 years and she has been more than our culinary resource, she has been our friend.

Lorraine Spurge, Maple Stone Capital


"These delicious recipes crafted by noted chef, June Pagan, use simple preparation techniques designed to engage the senses with the flavors and vivid colors of freshly picked fruits and vegetables and Pagan's book could not be more timely at this time when people are becoming increasingly aware of the rise of new viruses in our environment. The recipes emphasize produce containing anti-oxidents which boost the immune system."

Marianne Brown, UCCE CG Master Gardener Marianne is a public health educator and Master Gardener for several local schools in the Venice/Mar Vista neighborhoods.Based at Mark Twain Middle School, a Title 1 school with a student population of 83% Latino,
9% African-American and 8% other, Marianne is a member of the Los Angeles School Garden Collaborative. She is working with the Los Angeles Unified School District to connect school gardens and healthy food into the curriculum for middle schoolers.

Marianne Brown, UCCE CG Master Gardener Marianne

Creative, versatile and delicious are the first adjectives that come to mind, when I think of June Pagan's cooking. The list of famous clientele she's cooked for (people who could afford to pay anyone), speaks for itself. The facts are simply this: she's an undiscovered treasure that the extremely affluent were keeping to themselves. Now, it's our turn.

Master Sommelier and Author, Robert Vance Cross.


"June Pagan has prepared healthy and delicious meals for my patients with Celiac Disease and Gluten intolerance. I am delighted to see that she is sharing her best gluten free recipes in Purple Pizza."

Evette Richardson, MS, RDN


"There is a great need for fantastic resources like Purple Pizza. Our organization distributes coupons to thousands of low income families at farmers markets in LA County. For many families, it's their first encounter with fresh food. There's a learning curve to becoming a fresh food shopper and cook. Purple Pizza is the one of the best tools to bring community members into the fold in a non-intimidating way. Eating healthy is for everyone. Purple Pizza should be taught in schools and delivered to home kitchens everywhere!"

Frank Tamborello, Director, Hunger Action LA


"Purple Pizza with its gorgeous photos of artistically prepared foods and fresh from the farmers' market recipes make it a must for every kitchen and an inspiration for every meal. June Pagan has included key information about nutrition and locality in the book for each recipe which connects us to how and why the ingredients we choose make a difference for healthier, more sustainable choices."

Diana Rodgers Manager Mar Vista Certified Farmers' Market


Menu Of Services

Menu Of Services

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